Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Call england from canada with belle ?

how much does it cost with the code 011?Call england from canada with belle ?It all depends on the time and day you call, as well as the city you're calling to and calling from. Your best bet for an accurate amount is to dial 0 and ask for assistance.Call england from canada with belle ?don't use bell they are too expensive, see if you can use this service(don't know where in canada you are)

you don't need to sign up, no fees and the cost o the calls comes on your normal bill

i use it to call australia 99 cents for 25 minutes,you will get 45 mins for 99 cents, but if you go over 45 mins you pay by the minute after the first 45Call england from canada with belle ?With the regular phone line I use Caztel.

You just dial 10-10-710 +011 + country code+ number

It costs much less than with Bell Canada.

You get 45 minutes for 99垄. Each extra minute costs 4 垄.

I used this service to call Tunisia and the cost shows up on your Bell Canada account. It works. I even called my dad's cell phone in the Dominican Republic for much less than if I had used the regular Bell line.

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