Saturday, March 10, 2012

WDYT of the name Calista Belle?

I need your opinion and reason why.WDYT of the name Calista Belle?Yay! You went with Calista! Lol. Anyway, Calista Belle sounds really nice, it sounds soft and sweet. However, there is a chance that your daughter wont be a girly-girl and in that case she may not like a girly middle name. What about Calista Starre? Or...Calista Rae? Either of those could work for any personality.WDYT of the name Calista Belle?
Calista by it self is a very pretty name. I don't like Belle too much and I do not like it with Calista. It sounds sort of funny together. Definitely keep Calista! :)

Calista Gabrielle (sort of like Belle, but sounds better)WDYT of the name Calista Belle?I only like the middle name . Maybe it's stupid but in my country calista has a different meaning . It means something like podologist but i think it won't change your mind is just me .

i'm portuguese btw .WDYT of the name Calista Belle?
I love Calista :)

Belle is okay...Calista Belle is gorgeous, though! :)WDYT of the name Calista Belle?I'd like Crista Belle better, or Calista Wren. That's one of my friends' names.WDYT of the name Calista Belle?

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