Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Joe Jonas and Camilla belle break up?

I was at the Detroit concert tonight and it looked like Joe was crying during gotta find you Was he really crying ?

I want on there myspace when I got home and seen quite a few people are leaving comments like sorry Joe Camilla didnt deserve you anyway so I just wanna know did joe and camilla actually break up is there any truth behind he whole break up thing ?Joe Jonas and Camilla belle break up?Yes they did break up. reported that they broke up and Camilla's rep confirmed it. Here's the link to the story,,鈥?/a>Joe Jonas and Camilla belle break up?
aww i wanted to go to the concert last nite. stupid sold out tickets. Anyway yeah he was crying during gotta find you and turn right. and if you noticed he changes the lyrics in much better to " all i need is the GIRL in front of me" to GIRLS and he also said hes done with "movie stars" instead of superstarJoe Jonas and Camilla belle break up?Yes. Camilla broke up with him! I had no idea Camilla would dump him. He did not deserve that. I did not know he was crying on stage! I could have been sweat. But I think it was tears. I hope he finds a girl he can spend the rest of his life with. Go on and type in Is Joe Jonas single?Joe Jonas and Camilla belle break up?
Well, she HAS been seen with a lot of other guys and maybe he found out she was cheating on him. Makes perfect sense to me, she's totally not like the right match for him...lets just say that. I just hope he's ok! I will snap her hackin' neck for breaking his heart! EYE FOR AN EYE! JK, I wouldn't do that. LOL.

She's not worth it. At least they realized ahead of time that they're not meant to be. It'd be horrible to wake up married to her and realized that he really doesn't love her.

EDIT: E! news confirmed their break-up and so did I also saw a video and he looked SOOO heartbroken. I hope he feels better soon! :D

Hope this helped! :D

%26lt;3 you, Joe!Joe Jonas and Camilla belle break up?All I gotta say is...I KNEW IT!!! UH HUH!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!

Omg, I kept looking up yahoo questions about them (WAY before they broke up) and there was this one person who said. Give em 3 months tops. And I totally agreed. If Joe makes another song about his little "break - up" I will LAUGH. Not that I hate Joe but....did he REALLY think it was gonna last. I mean COME ON.Joe Jonas and Camilla belle break up?
Many media sources are claiming the spilt to be true, however there has not been confirmation from either of them. My bet - it's true.
yes and he does deserve a better sad...she mad him break up with taylor.....taylor is better for him...he shuld be with her

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