Sunday, March 4, 2012

What do u think of the name Kaitlyn Emma Belle?

Also heres what the name means

Kaitlyn-Pure Hearted


Belle-BeautifulWhat do u think of the name Kaitlyn Emma Belle?I like Kaitlyn:)

I don't care for Emma or Belle~ is Belle a second middle name or the last name?? I personally think one middle name is sufficient... but that's just me...

If you like it, go for it:)What do u think of the name Kaitlyn Emma Belle?
A little long, but pretty.What do u think of the name Kaitlyn Emma Belle?I think all together, that sounds like a beautiful name!
I like Emma Cait :)What do u think of the name Kaitlyn Emma Belle?It sounds like a wonderful name! It has a lot of qualities one would want to possess.What do u think of the name Kaitlyn Emma Belle?
nope it's just not me!! sorry. too many names
i like it. it's not a tongue twister. :)What do u think of the name Kaitlyn Emma Belle?
I love the name Kaitlyn. Are Emma and Belle family names? They are very old fashioned. There are other names that mean strong and beautiful. I'd look around for others to go along with Kaitlyn. It just doesn't seem to work for me.
Very Pretty name that you chose.
I love all of those names... I would maybe pick just one middle name though.. As a teacher I hear Kaitlyn a lot, there are usually 1 or 2 per class... but it's a beautiful name, one i considered for my daughter

Leave out the Kaitlyn and just do Emma Belle or Emma Bella. Now that's pretty!
I think you are probably one of the first people to come up with a truly beautiful name for their child...

Its perfect
does she have two middle names well sorry but i dont like two middle names on a baby or any person but thats just my opion and also i dont really care what the meaning of a name is i just like a name because i think that it is cute and thirdly i like the name kaitilyn but i really think it is cute when spelled katelin and i like the name emma but i like emilee better and i dont really lke the name belle but again that is just my opinion
It's nice. Obviously you don't want to put you last name on here, but I can't help but wonder how it all goes many syllables we're talking about once it's combined with your last name. I knew a girl in school with two middle names. I think it's OK.
OMG! I absolutely love it! It is so soft and beautiful. Your child will love her name! I also love what it means!

Congrats and Good LUck
i love it!!!! awsome!
I think that is a beautiful name but keep in mind as she gets older she will have to pick one middle name to be um dominent because most forms and things that only have space for one But I still think you should use it
the meanings are great....but the name doesnt sound good. emma belle is cute though
I love that you have two middle names!

I prefer Katelyn to Kaitlyn only because when she is in school she is going to want to shorten it to Kate and Kait is a little strange lol!!

It is a beautiful combination of names - Kaitlyn/Katelyn Emma Belle
I think it's absolutely beautiful!
i think something makes u so unsure about it, cause it's the 3rd time i'm answering this question:)) maybe you should try in deed something else, cause Emma Belle sounds cool together, but with Kaitlyn it's a bit funny...;)) cause of the syllables, i think... maybe if it would be only Kaitlyn Annabelle or Kaitlyn Emma or Kaitlyn Bella Emanuele...

anyways, i hope you'll take the best decision! good luck!!;))
thats the best name that i have seen all night go withit.

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