Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is camilla belle robert pattinson`s girlfriend or not?

if not,then who is his girlfriend now?

thanks so much.Is camilla belle robert pattinson`s girlfriend or not?AHEM My BABE ROB iS WiTH ME :D

No seriously he single. Camilla Belle is his "rumored" girlfriend he said he was single like five times in his interviews plus she s with Joe Jonas.Is camilla belle robert pattinson`s girlfriend or not?
You remember latest Jonas Brother video chat?

Joe seemed really upset.

That is because Camilla dumped him so she could 'spend' more time with Robert.

Then a couple of days later it was reported Camilla was dating Robert.

So the answer to your question is yes!Is camilla belle robert pattinson`s girlfriend or not?she's dating Joe, she was at the "Push" premiere last weekend and was seen to leave with Joe in the middle of the movie, holding hands.

but she went to lunches and premieres with Rob alot


Rob is now single but on

he said Kristen Stewart is his "celebrity crush" and he had a dream about her the night before that interview (how cute)

he also told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show that he could definetly fall in love with KS "she's amazing"said Rob

i really hope they'd get together though but KS has a bf
no i dont think so, the rumor though, is that camilla is dating joe. i think this is true cause during camilla's movie premire, joe skipped the red carpet, and kinda sneaked into the theater so that the paparazzi wouldnt see him, and he sat next to camilla the entire time, without his brothers. and then they were seen leaving together holding hands, into a limoIs camilla belle robert pattinson`s girlfriend or not?Camilla Belle is not dating Robert Pattinson.

Unless she's cheating on Joe Jonas, that is.

And... last time I heard, Robert Pattinson was actually dating his Twilight costar Kristen Stewart - those may be simply rumors though.

Hope I helped!Is camilla belle robert pattinson`s girlfriend or not?
camilla is datin dat fugly joe jonas.
Camilla Belle is dating Joe Jonas. Taylor Swift said that Joe left her for Camilla Belle.Is camilla belle robert pattinson`s girlfriend or not?
I thought she was dating a Jonas brother.
Nope, they're just friends who hang out sometimes.

I have a feeling they went to that award show together as a kind of publicity stunt--like when Madonna and Michael Jackson went to the Oscars together in '91.

As of the last time he was asked, which was in December, he isn't dating anyone. That could've changed since then, but who knows.

Kristen Stewart is still with her boyfriend Michael.
i'm pretty sure he's single...
No, she is Joe Jonas' gf.....there's a pic of them holding hands. Robert is very single :)
NO, shes dating Joe Jonas, end of story. Rob is still single.
haha i sure hope not! :P but i also think heard from somewhere that he was single also lol

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