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What are some southern belle names?

For a girl, what are some good southern belle names?

I am southern, and my teen mom friend is, too. The father is out of the picture, so my friend has custody. I have offered to take care of her while her father goes on a business trip. She doesn't know if it is a girl or a boy yet, but my friend is hoping it is a girl.

She likes Jesse Lynn. I think it is a pretty name. Any opinions? We need more names too, but southern :-)

Double names would be better, too.

Also, any southern boy names out there? That would be helpful too. Thanks


Jordyn and Bella :-)What are some southern belle names?Girl:

Amber Lynn (My favorite!!)

Charlotte Rose

Austen Kayla

Memphis Peyton

Jean Marie

Scarlett Hannah

Emma Alexis

Madison Lou

Tara Ashley

Savannah Taylor

Cadence Emily

Cheyenne Dakota


Bentley Michael

Tyce Andrew

Jackson Dallas

Cole Shelby

Wayne Cody

Graydon Shep

Logan HenryWhat are some southern belle names?
I think Lynn would be a perfect middle name for a little girl; it's very southern. :) I also like Rose as a possible middle name.

Maybe first names:





Southern boys names could be:

James (I love this name)




Good luck! :)What are some southern belle names?Jesse Lynn is cute

I like Allie-Lynne Grace =)

Savannah Lynn

I think Lynn would be best for a middle name or second part of the name.

Valerie as well.





For boys I really only know

Bentley- I LOVE this name



=)What are some southern belle names?
i absolutely LOVE southern bell names!

Briley Mae is my favorite(:

it's unique and cute but isn't TOO out there.

i hope i helped(: good luck through pregnancy and behond!What are some southern belle names?Annabelle is a really pretty southern name.




John is a really good southern gentleman type name.

I also like Garth.

Hope I helped =)What are some southern belle names?
Oh yeah! It can! It's up to you to decide it! Bye!

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