Saturday, March 10, 2012

Do you like the name Adalie Belle?

Do you like the girls name Adalie....Adalie Belle (belle as the middle name)? Adalie is pronounced Ad-uh-lee.

It is French origin and means noble one. I may call her Addy as a nickname. Do you like Adalie? and do you like the middle name Belle with it?Do you like the name Adalie Belle?yeah,it's a gorgeus name

while the mother thinks of her baby's name is always a beautiful nameDo you like the name Adalie Belle?
Yes, I think thats a very pretty feminine name.


:)Do you like the name Adalie Belle?Not particularly. Too uncommon. How about Avalee? Like belle
I like Belle as the middle name.. But i like Adeline more that Adalie.Do you like the name Adalie Belle?I love Belle!!! It's a winner.

Joy to you!Do you like the name Adalie Belle?
cute name! sound like my girlfriend's name. try using her name, frechie belle...
Ya know I have never heard of that name, but that IS a georgouse name, and paired with with Belle just gives it a little more! I normally do not like the name Belle, Bella for a nick name yes, but not Belle, but that Combo Adalie Belle is beautiful. It's refreshing, and will be much easier to grow with then Natalie.Do you like the name Adalie Belle?
My step granddaughters name is Adalie.

She is a beautiful little girl.

I think it's a beautiful name %26amp; I like Adalie Belle it sounds very good together.

God Bless...
Like natalie...







Yes Adalie Belle is beautiful. =]
I think that Adalie Belle is a very good name. I've always liked the name Belle- it was the name of one of my favorite characters in a book.

(It'd especially be cool if your last name started with a C, and the kid's initials were ABC)
Yes, I actually really do like the name Adalie. Not as thrilled with Belle, but it's not bad.
I love the name!!! That is my cousin's name and if you asked her she would not change it for the world.
ohhhh yeah i like it!

thanks for not making it Addison. it's sooo used,
like most that have already answered, i really like it. i've seen it also spelled like Natalie without the N. but i've always thought that looked like the N was just missing. i prefer this spelling because it makes it like it's own name, not a form of another name. i think you've made a great choice. good luck.
I like it. I was going to say that Belle is too common, but in your case going with the French theme it actually makes sense instead of going with what's popular. It's like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. :)
Normally I don't like using the middle name Belle, if only because it's so overused that it sounds dull. But with Adalie, it sounds very French and sweet! I love it; Adalie Belle is a gorgeous name. Addie is one of the best nicknames I know of. Also, I think I mentioned this in your other question, but I also love the similar name Adela. Adela Belle would be a great name too.

Good luck!
Very cute.
Only Adalie
I love the name Adalie but not so much with the name Belle...

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