Saturday, March 10, 2012

What do you think of the name Tallulah Belle?

My cousin is thinking of naming her baby this, however she wants people's opinions. tell me what you thinkWhat do you think of the name Tallulah Belle?i dont care too much for the name Tallulah, but belle sounds beutiful!What do you think of the name Tallulah Belle?
That's the name of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter.What do you think of the name Tallulah Belle?Pretty, but both names have double ll's, so that's a bit much.

So I think I'd change Belle:

Tallulah Mae (or Rae)

Tallulah Jade

Tallulah Pearl

It may be the name of a celebrity daughter but I would not let that deter me- Demi and Bruce didn't copyright the name, and it's unlikely most people will make the connection. And if they do, so what!
boringWhat do you think of the name Tallulah Belle?Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have a daughter named Tallulah Belle.

I like Belle. Tallulah is not on my list, but I have heard worse.What do you think of the name Tallulah Belle?
It sounds southern, Tallulah is a character in the musical Bugsy Malone so I think of that, idk I don't like Tallulah because it sounds like a gypsy but thats just me.
I think that is the name of an actresses daughter no i dont like itWhat do you think of the name Tallulah Belle?
I like it. My 4 yr old daughter named her baby doll Tallulah. Too cute! :o) The only thing is that Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have a daughter that they named Tallulah Belle. So...people may think she copied them. Just a heads-up! :o)

Good luck!
Tallulah reminds me of Jamaica or something. Tallie! I like it, but I don't like the Belle part as much.
Very country,I like the belle part though.
I like it. It's pretty and flows well. :)
i dont like the first name i like belle
I don't care for it. It sounds way too country for me...and I'm a Southerner!

Also, I knew a girl whose parents called her Tallulah as a nickname.
Isn't that Demi Moore's daughter's name?

And I don't really like either. Especially Tallulah.
I think there was a celebrity couple that named their daughter that...Demi Moore and Bruce Willis named their youngest that exact name...and I can't say I like it at all!!
very pretty :)
I love it,its what we were going to call our next daughter but we are worried about it becoming too common.
I love that name! I wanted the same one but DH said no. :o(
dont like it
Very southern!
I agree that it's a copy of Bruce and Demi's childs name, and is getting quite over used. However, I am a HUGE fan of the name Matilda Belle. It has the same flow and syllables, and it's just as cute, but it is a bit different.
Tallulah is a no for me, Belle is very cute.
I'm thinking that aside from the fact that Tallulah Belle is Demi Moore's yongest daughter, it's cute name I guess.

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