Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What does 'la plus belle mean'?

A french boy told my friend he thought i was 'la plus belle', i know this literally translates as 'the most beautiful' but does it mean like the most beautiful girl ever?! or in the room or what?What does 'la plus belle mean'?the most beautiful girl hes ever seenWhat does 'la plus belle mean'?
"la plus belle" means "the most beautiful". Without the boy adding anything more specific after 'belle', there is no way of knowing what he truly meant.

He could have said: 'la plus belle au monde' (the most beautiful in the world)

'la plus belle ici' = 'the most beautiful here '.

etc.What does 'la plus belle mean'?It literally means "the more beautiful" or "the most beautiful" but if it means anything else (not literally) then I don't know

Hope this helps :)What does 'la plus belle mean'?
It depends how he meant it but yeah, it translates as thatWhat does 'la plus belle mean'?the most beautiful - as in out of everyone :)

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