Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What do you think of the name Tuula Belle.?

Tuula being the first name and belle being the middle name?What do you think of the name Tuula Belle.?I like Louella more.What do you think of the name Tuula Belle.?
I don't see why there's two U's. But I love Tula Belle.What do you think of the name Tuula Belle.?I would call her Izabell for first name

And for middle Emma

Hope i helped ;D

Julia xxxx byeee
sounds like a cartoon characterWhat do you think of the name Tuula Belle.?No, that's what my mum told me my tooth fairy was called when I was little. There was a little girl called Tuula Does The Hula From Hawii and she was legally allowed to change her name at 7 year-old, I wonder why lol :)What do you think of the name Tuula Belle.?
......a puppy ?
its unique but not 'weird' i like itWhat do you think of the name Tuula Belle.?
I don't care for either one of them. they sound like a cartoon character. Please give the names more thought. I don't the child to come home everyday crying.
It's awful.It reminds me of the 'old south' and sounds frumpy,and sounds just like Tallullah Belle,Demi Moore's daughter.
I like it as a whole and I LOVE Belle!
First thing I think of is "her parents tried too hard".
Uch, Tuula?? No offense, but its horrid. Belle is nice. Not Tuula.
i dont like it. i prefer bella over belle because it seems more complete. and when you say belle i thnk of a bell.i dont like tuula either i thnk that tulula maybe better. maybe you can use tulula belle or tuula bella.
it sounds beautiful
i love the name Tula - maybe short for Tulisa or u can just call her Tula..

i liked the name Tula Jasmine Belle before and still have it as a maybe!
Isn't that one of those Wacky celeb baby names?
I think it's a WONDERFUL name for a COW.
It reminds me of a telitubbie
I like the name Belle - it makes me think of Twighlight. I'm not so sure about Tuula though, but it does make me think of Our Big Fat Greek Wedding. It is an interesting combination, but what matters most is if you like it.
I think that the name is hilarious and I would not do that to my child because they have to live with it for the rest of their life. That's a name you'd name a cat or something. What if she grows up to be a professor or something. Nah, think of the child and change it. I am not being mean either.

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