Saturday, March 10, 2012

Is Fernando Verdasco dating Camilla Belle?

She was in his box during his match vs. Federer....

So are they officially a couple???Is Fernando Verdasco dating Camilla Belle?when i saw her the box the other day (she was there on the second round match i believe) i did some research, hehe.-

they had a thing last year, in august-september, but apparently they're not together anymore, you know since she was dating the jonas kid, but...when there was a flame...

here's photos from them last year:鈥?/a>Is Fernando Verdasco dating Camilla Belle?
She was seen at the dodgers game with joe jonas and this picture here looks like they are together: and this website:

check them out and see

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Is Fernando Verdasco dating Camilla Belle?thanks for asking i was wondering too i do not know it is confusing Caroline Wozniacki was sitting in his box too but i know that Camilla Belle is not dating Joe Jonas anymore as i saw interview to the Jonas brothers with Barrbra last month and they said that they are singles
mm Camilla Belle is mighty fine, I loved her in "When A Stranger Calls" aha, but I doubt there dating, a lot of US celebs go to Indian Wells since it isn't to far from Hollywood, it is actually the most watch tennis tourney that isn't a Slam. And I believe Belle is/was going out with Joe Jonas..

:)Is Fernando Verdasco dating Camilla Belle?I think Verdasco was watching the Radwanska match too :)

And I thought she was dating Joe Jonas?

Oh just checked. Wozniaki was also in his box. WierdIs Fernando Verdasco dating Camilla Belle?
yeah they are dating each other...

Check out on google the images of Verdasco and Camilla....u can see it there....

i have so many pics of the couple...
People take their parents into boxes all the time and you don't assume they're dating.Is Fernando Verdasco dating Camilla Belle?
I thought Camilla was dating Joe Jonas..
mayb its hard 2 tell. oh u no she was also seen with joe jonas!
who knows he may be friend or more

ohh my god i was jjusy gonna ask this! i dunno but.... man joe jonas is way hotter! but he doesnt put out does he?? looking fwd 2 finding out this answer!

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