Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Help with middle name for Belle?

My husband and I love the name Belle, its on the top of our girl list at the moment but we can't find a good middle name/s to go with it.

We want her name to be Belle (not Isabelle and calling her Belle etc) and her middle name to be Anne (after both our mothers) but Belle Anne doesn't work... any suggestions where those two names are included. We also don't mind her having two middle names.

And let me know what you think of Belle? Thanks!Help with middle name for Belle?Belle - May.

Belle - Elizabeth.

I think them names in particular are beautiful.

ETA - Why don't you have 2 middle names for her?

Have something like .. [For example]

Belle Elizabeth Anne (and whatever her last name will be)

Because then you are still naming her after both your mothers :)Help with middle name for Belle?
Belle VeDeer.

Noo No I'm just kidding. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm a clown.

Belle really is a beautiful name, in fact, as I'm sure you know, it's the French word for Beautiful.

Here are my serious suggestions (with what I'm hearing in my head as the pronunciation in parenthesis. I know, some are obvious, I'm just a little OCD :) )

Belle Amandine (Ah-Mahn-Deen)

Belle Coralie (Kor-ah-lee)

Belle F茅lice (F忙-Lease}

Belle Marie (Mah-Ree)

Anyways, that was fun to think about. My daughter is 18 months old now, and picking her name was the Hardest Part.Help with middle name for Belle?Belle is an absolutely beautiful name! You could go for something a little longer for the middle name like Vaughn or Victoria. You could find a name where Anne is in it like Johanne? Caitlin could work too. good luck :)
I think Belle is a very pretty girls name. A good choice there :)

jee, it is hard to match something with Belle.

how about Belle Rose-Ann.

i also liek what what Sonicfan said about Belle Honor Marie.

i think that would be beautifulHelp with middle name for Belle?belle honer marie or belle honer, belle claire marieHelp with middle name for Belle?
what about bella anne or bella anne marie my middle name is ann after my grandma and great grandma and my daughter had her to grandmas middle name carmen and mae so her name is jaslene carmen-mae


Savannah BelleHelp with middle name for Belle?
Belle is a really pretty name for a girl! You could change it to Belle Anna. That's kind of close to Anne and it works :D
belle emily
Jingle would do :))

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