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I want to know the treatment for overweight / obesity at VLCC or LA BELLE .?


I want to know the treatment for overweight / obesity at VLCC or LA BELLE .

Please can some one give me the details like is there any side effectsI want to know the treatment for overweight / obesity at VLCC or LA BELLE .?you will loose weight very fast with their formula but when you will leave it you will regain all with interestI want to know the treatment for overweight / obesity at VLCC or LA BELLE .?
Vlcc is a big scam company rani dont go there. Take it from me who has lost over Rs 25,000 with them and currently is fighting a case with them along with a group of their clients against being cheated. Till the time you dont join them they pre tend to be your best of friends and very much interesting in having you lose weight and promise you the world but as soon as you join them, you are in for a big shock. No one cares any more, in the name of treatment they wrap you up with some cream, hoping the you lose some water weight NOT fat , and in the name of diet they will just generally tell you to have green veges and reduce a little salt intake. It totally crap i have even heard similar things about LA BELLE but havent had a personal experience with them. Rani When trying to lose weight my friend it is very important to understand, that just putting in efforts are not in random direction are not good enough. There is no magic pill no wonder machine belt or cream out there that is going to magically get you to be fit. I have learn t this the hard way, for as long as I can remember I have always had a weight problem, and in my desperation to solve it I have reached out to every product out their clam to have you loose weight. I must say I have wasted tons of money and time on these thing, and more than the money and time some where it was hampering my confidence level that I can never lose weight. My friend only that you can lose weight is by changing you current lifestyle by eating a healthy balanced diet and indulging into regular workouts. You cycling for about 2 hour a day burns about 300 calories, but a kilo of fat has over 7000 calories, so just walking is going to take you al most a month to have you lose just 1 kg of fat. Also it is a false thinking that you can lose fat from a particular body part by workout that part of your body. I was over a 100kgs then and in my desperation to weight I was one day looking over Google and came over this company called X ATTACK. Their program X MELT seemed very interesting as well as promising, they even offered a free fitness consultation hence I called them. Their staff over the phone was very professional and knowledgeable; they even logically charted out a the problem that I was facing because of which I was not able to lose my weight and the solution to those problem. I joined in their 90 days based in home training program, as I write this today I weigh 68 kgs , I have lost over 35 kgs with them, not only have I lost the weight but my body for the first time my body is getting into a very good figure. The program requires you to be working out one hour a day at home, their workouts are quite unique, fun and highly effective. Their workouts burns over a 1000 calories each hour.They also customize a nutrition plan for you to ensure your success, the best thing I like about their nutrition plan was that I really didn鈥檛 not have a starve in fact I got to have a good of food. The food was some that I eat on a daily bases not some kinda diet food, ( boiled vege or some of the other crazy things that I had done before). X ATTACK is a Canadian company that recent started its operation in India, their programs were apparently created by some of the best fitness experts in the world. They even offer you a support system where in you can get in touch and consult with their fitness expert for free any time during the course of your 90 days of the program. I personally have really seen some fantastic results with them, and would recommend their X MELT program to any one seriously look at getting back into a great shape. I am attaching their URL to the below for you to check their check out. Call them if you want , and best of luck in your quest to lose weight pal.

www.xattack.inI want to know the treatment for overweight / obesity at VLCC or LA BELLE .?my uncle is a physician and he gives talks about obesity, diabetes,heart diseases etc.the best ways to reduce belly is to take a proper diet and to do a lot of exercises.


never include fats in your diet.try not to include carbohydrates too.but if you cant live without carbohydrates you can have them but alittle bit only.mostly you hhave a main dish made of carbohydrates like rice and a side dish like a vegetable curry.instead you can have beans and other complex carbohydrates as the main dish and other carbohydrates as the side dish.the complex carbohydrates swallow the

other carbohydrates and there wont be any effect of the carbohydrates you consumed.drink yoghurt it helps


walk inside your house for 45 minutes everyday.take weights of 2kgs in each hand and do a little exercises with it.another one is to lay down somewhere and let your chest come up without the help of your hands and lay down again and come up again.if you put your hands on your stomach you can feel it will be hard at first then youll get used to itI want to know the treatment for overweight / obesity at VLCC or LA BELLE .?
This herbal juice which you takes every day in morning in empty stomach will really healp you to reduce weight %26amp; to stay fit forever. Check out thi site to know more about this juiceI want to know the treatment for overweight / obesity at VLCC or LA BELLE .?don't go for other treatments,just control ur diets and do ramdev baba's yoga and drink green tea

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