Sunday, March 4, 2012

Does Edward go crazy when Belle's on her period?

I thought about it all day after seeing twilight..

Does Edward go crazy when Belle's on her period?what type of question is that????

idk...maybe lol

but imagine him drinking her blood....

EW.Does Edward go crazy when Belle's on her period?
The blood that comes out during period is "dead" blood. It's awful and Edward won't go crazy about it!!

I suppose you've to ask Stephenie Meyer about it. We aren't the best answerer, because we're not the creator of Twilight and we don't even know the answer to whether or not Edward will go insane during Bells' period!!Does Edward go crazy when Belle's on her period?first of all, its bella .

and are you talking about breaking dawn, when she finds out that she's 5 days late on her period?

or just whenever she has her period, only because it will attract him more to her blood, since it is coming out of her body?

please be more clear .
actually, ithought about that when iread breaking dawn, and i'm sure that was something too sickeningly gross for stephenie meyer to include. but, it IS a very good question . . . hmmmm . . . he probably does. haha.iL0VE EDWARD!! [:Does Edward go crazy when Belle's on her period?Hahaha. It never said that in any of the four books, and I read them all.

Wasn't that a good movie?

I thought Jasper looked pretty hot. :-]Does Edward go crazy when Belle's on her period?
thats werid that u thought about it all day. But i heard Stephanie Meyer talked about that during an interview, u should look that up.

I think the whole point is he can control himself.

It would probably more difficult, but I think the book would mention it if he couldn't handle the cycle thing.Does Edward go crazy when Belle's on her period?
I've always wondered that too. In an interview, they asked Stephenie Meyer that question and all she said in reply is "Eww." So I guess we'll never know.
ha ha ha

no the blood that comes out is dead not alive.

stephenie meyer actually answered that in one of her interveiws.
Well ya know he might...

But he loves her more than anything soooo I think he could put up with it!

Wait since she's a vampire does she get periods??
Hehe..... my friends and I were having this conversation one day. We concluded that tampons.... ugh nevermind I'm not even gonna go there!
good question I wonder if he can control himself? I'll give you a star. Again very good question.
Seriously, i totally thought about that too! I hav no idea though.
I think Stephenie Meyer talks about it on her website.
lmao!!! funny.... i dunno.... it never says....
OMG!!!! I swear I was wondering the exact same thing. You think he would though.

thats funny.


that would be weird:)...OH!!! i get it now!!, THEY PROBABLY stay away from eachother lol...but hey, free blood for edward!!
This is funny! LMAO!

You should ask this to the author
I know he loves her!
Steph Meyer says no, cause its "dead blood".
lmao my friend and i were wondering that too hahaha

lol i was wondering the same thing question. LOL, it's not mentioned in the book but that would make sense right.
haha nice. it's bella by the way.
omfg...i was honestly wondering the same thing

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