Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Belle's hairCUT from beauty and the beast?

i love belle's hair cut from beauty and the beast. NOT the way it was styled for the dancing part or anything, but the CUT. what would that be? like what type of layers and everything? like i love it when its just down and loose. (in the scene where she's running away and the wolves come) what would i do for that? does she have some type of bangs or something? thank you(:Belle's hairCUT from beauty and the beast?Looks layer with no bangsBelle's hairCUT from beauty and the beast?Do you have a hair clip like she does for the back of your hair? I think that hairstyle is so cute, and I grew up watching disney movies like beauty and the beast, cinderella, sleeping beauty, etc. so I think that it is very cute to want an updo like one of the princesses you admired growing up! I think a hairsylist would be able to do that, but make sure you bring in your veil and hairpiece for your trial. Good luck! :)

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