Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What does belle of the boulevard mean? 10pts!?

the name meaning, %26amp; the song please.

I'll give you 10 pts fer best answerrrWhat does belle of the boulevard mean? 10pts!?The song is called "Belle of the Boulevard" by Dashboard Confessional

It's can be heard here:鈥?/a>

The title of the song comes from the phrase "belle of the ball" which usually means the most beautiful or attractive female at a social gathering. (1)

The lyrics seem to be talking about a beautiful girl at a local bar on the Boulevard whose life never seems to go right, although she looks like her life is perfect. She goes to the bar and flirts and acts like everything is okay, but inside she's very sad. She listens to the music that numbs her pain. The song is telling her that even though life is hard, don't let it get you down.What does belle of the boulevard mean? 10pts!?Whenever i hear this song, I definately get a different meaning. I always understood it as a song about a girl in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, but noone else can see it. She probably has some sort of mental issue that keeps her attached to him. At least, thats how i always saw it.

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