Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Which one do you prefer Bella or Belle?

Please say why!

Thanks!Which one do you prefer Bella or Belle?Belle because it is more unique than Bella, is less used, and is very pretty in my opinion. The only comment I have is that it reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Bella is cute, but way overused since Twilight became popular.Which one do you prefer Bella or Belle?
Belle, It sounds prettier.Which one do you prefer Bella or Belle?Neither - They are both nicknames but as nicknames I prefer Bella as it's prettier.
Bella because it sounds more like a full name to me, I also like Isabella over Isabelle.Which one do you prefer Bella or Belle?I prefer Belle.

Belle is a Classy name.

I love it :)Which one do you prefer Bella or Belle?
Definitely NOT Bella, as we all know it means Beautiful and it is such an over-rated chauvinistic name.

stick with belle but I had a friend with that name and everyone used to call her door-belle : (
bella cause short for isabell and i like thatname its my favorite name belle makes her sound like a prinses and what if she is a tom boy? she would be made fun o bellaWhich one do you prefer Bella or Belle?
Bella- after I did my researh because I love both names Bella, struck me as more beautiful. Don't get me wrong, there's a little Twilight love in there, but who says that's bad? After all, I was named after a 'Georgie' in a TV show!

The reason I like Bella more is because:

Bella, meaning: BEAUTIFUL.

Belle, meaning: BEAUTIFUL.

Since they mean the same thing, well, + the Twilight love, Bella wins!
i like bella best, it's a pretty name.
both.... but bella is quite popular at the moment...
To me Belle sounds odd, I can't see that as being a name. Do Bella.
Belle! It's such a pretty name, way prettier than Bella. It sounds delicate and feminine, whereas Bella has a harsh sound to it - it's really ugly. :]

it just sounds better
Bella, because I prefer the nickname Ella to Elle.
Belle, it's french for 'beautiful'
Bella is just better
I go with Belle because it sounds much more feminine. Bella is all right too, but it's become too common because of all the Twilight fanfare.
i prefer belle.i have daughters and they love disney princesses and belle is from beauty and the beast.
Bella It sounds pretty to me
Belle sounds more sophisticated.
I like them both and whatever name I pair them with determines on which one I use...If a name ends in "a" then I use Belle,

Ex; Tessa Belle;;;others can use the I find myself using them as middle names mostly.

Belle, it is very feminine!
Belle is so much more elegant. Bella, to me, is a dogs' name, whereas Belle is very much sophisticated. I absolutely love it!

I'm very fond of French names as well.

Bella, it's just much more beautiful to me, I've always preferred names that end in a rather than e. For example, I don't like Danielle but I like Daniella. To me, Gabriella is nicer than Gabrielle, etc...
Belle sounds like the princess, royal and beautiful.

Bella sounds more fluff and more glamorous.

I personally like Bella more.
I like Bella better if it is a first name, but, I like Belle better as a middle name. I think Bella sounds more complete as a first name and Belle just seems to fit best with other first name choices. I like them both a lot.
Belle sounds prettier in my opinion
Bella, I think it sounds better, could be short for Isabella

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