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Is there a health reason poodles have to be clipped or can I leave it curly all over, which I love. Belle?

there is no health reason for poodles to be clipped, unless you live in a warm area, where your poodle might get to hotIs there a health reason poodles have to be clipped or can I leave it curly all over, which I love. Belle?Poodles are only clipped for appearences, you can leave her curly.Is there a health reason poodles have to be clipped or can I leave it curly all over, which I love. Belle?
no, the only reason that that particular hair style even started was to keep the animals joints warm in the winter, if you look at the style, (when clipped the right way), there is only hair on major joints. but now that has just become a fashion statement, if you want, you can keep your poodles hair long. i personally think that it's cuter that way!Is there a health reason poodles have to be clipped or can I leave it curly all over, which I love. Belle?There are medical and health reasons why your dog should be groomed regularly, but s/he does not have to be clipped if you don't want to go that route. Point of fact is, poodle hair never stops growing, it's because of this that people get their poodles clipped regularly. It's a huge undertaking to brush a poodle with a non-clipped/scissored coat, and it's honesty more work than it's worth. It could take hours out of your day to prevent matting on a full-coated poodle.

If you'd prefer not to have your poodle clipped, you will have to brush your dog daily for the exact same reason you brush your hair daily. If you don't your poodle will get matted, causing severe skin problems, allergies, parasites, etc. This is at the point where it becomes a real issue of medical conditions caused by poor grooming.

Your dog absolutely needs to be groomed (at the very least bathed and brushed out completely) every 4-8 weeks (for poodles it's recommended 4-6) to prevent these sorts of issues from happening. I always recommend brushing curly coated dogs daily beause of the type of hair they have. It is proned to twisting around itself and causing matts which are painful to brush out if not kept up with properly. Additionally, your groomer does some behind the scenes things that you're not privy to, such as pulling or clipping the ear hair to prevent ear infections and to increase healthy air flow to the canal, clipping of toenails, expressing the anal glands to prevent serious infections that lead to pricey operations (I wouldn't advise doing this at home, it's a dirty, smelly job), clipping the sanitary area to prevent urine burns and build up of feces on the dog's rear end, among other things.

If you brush your dog daily with a greyhound comb as suggested above, and a regular wire brush, have the dog properly groomed regularly and you are dedicated to a full time job with the -bunches- of hair that you will encounter with a poodle, you shouldn't have any problems with a full-coated dog. In the end, I personally think it is easier, less time consuming and less stressful for your dog to discuss the options of trimming or clipping with a professional groomer that you trust. I guarantee they will be able to suggest a few dozen hair cuts that would look adorable on your pooch.

Good luck!

-Yet Another Professional Groomer :)
two things.

1. you need to keep the area around the anus clipped.

2. the poodle's anal glands need to be purged periodicallyIs there a health reason poodles have to be clipped or can I leave it curly all over, which I love. Belle?I raised poodles for many years.. I never took them to a groomer, but learned to groom them myself..A poodle cannot be left without grooming, that's for sure! But you can learn to trim him the way you want him to look..I did it all with scissors, even show clips, so you don't even need to buy clippers, BUT it will need trimmed about 5-6 times a year, either by yourself, or by a pro..And brushed daily..being careful to brush it all..under the elbows, between legs, and kept short and clean around his butt...and pull hair out of his ears..and trim his nails frequently...

SO much easier to just take him to a groomer and tell them you want a long lamb clip...lolIs there a health reason poodles have to be clipped or can I leave it curly all over, which I love. Belle?
The only health reason is healthy skin and coat... which is a *major* health reason. All dogs have to be groomed, whether it's just a bath or a full haircut. Certainly you can leave it curly, just make sure to both brush and comb it. If you go to you can buy "greyhound combs" really cheap, they're metal and I use them on all poodles. It gets the mats out and makes sure that when they're brushed, it's not just the top of the coat that's being brushed but the whole thing.

By clipped I assume you mean shaved, which no, you don't have to do. Like it was said above, you can leave them long, but they do have to be groomed at least every 4-6 weeks.
No reason at all for the clippingIs there a health reason poodles have to be clipped or can I leave it curly all over, which I love. Belle?
Poodles HAVE to be clipped because their hair never stops growing. If you don't ever clip it, no matter how hard you try to keep it brushed, it will begin to mat (mats are hard clumps of hair that cannot be brushed or combed out), and the mats will have to be cut out because they pull on the skin and can cause irritation, dry skin, sores, tears, etc. Poodles are a very high maintenance breed and MUST be professionally groomed.

That being said, you do not have to SHAVE your poodle just because you have it groomed. As long as you brush your dog properly, the groomer can leave the coat as long as you'd like and simply shape it up for you. There are many standard cuts for poodles, or you can simply leave her with one length of hair- sort of like a big lamb. Talk to your groomer about it, and if your groomer is not comfortable with the hairstyle you want, find someone who is. But you definitely still need to have her clipped at least a little, like I said, the coat NEVER stops growing, and it will get out of control before you know it. Once it gets matted, the only solution is shaving it off and starting over, so make sure you're using a slicker brush and metal comb every single day.

For all the people who keep saying no they don't need it: I'm pretty sure you've never owned one, or you'd know better. I once groomed a poodle whose owner didn't think he 'needed' clipping. He had not been groomed in his 2 years of life. It took me FOUR HOURS to fix the mess she'd made. I had to shave every last bit of fur from the dog, down to bare skin in some spots, and his poor skin was red and raw from the hairs being matted and yanking on his skin all the time. He had sores and raw spots and just looked terrible, he couldn't even move properly because the mats were pinning his legs to his body, and his ears down to his cheeks, and there were mats between his toes that were like little rocks in his feet that he couldn't get rid of. Does any of that sound like a nice thing to do to a dog? I didn't think so.

If you don't believe me, look at these:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

Are those pretty and curly dogs? No. Those are neglected dogs, because they have not been groomed and clipped.

Like I said before, you can leave hair on a poodle, but that doesn't mean not ever getting him clipped.

Good luck!鈥?/a>

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