Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why were Belle Amie in the bottom 3?

They were loads better than the first week!Why were Belle Amie in the bottom 3?Because they're pretty awful.Why were Belle Amie in the bottom 3?
I don't mind them but they would never win the show. Groups never seem to do well apart from JLS but they were actually good. One direction are cute little boys but I don't rate their voices much, they are def getting the teenage girl vote. Think simon is out of touch with the songs he's choosing aswell, belle amie had an old song that they tried to make current - didn't work, diva fever (even though they're crap) got a brand new song that most people have probably not even heard yet and one direction got kelly clarkson, this was supposed to be heroes night, is kelly clarkson anyones hero? Simons getting old and losing it, his groups have got no chance and the girls will be gone next week I reckonWhy were Belle Amie in the bottom 3?i thought belle amie were excellent this week ..i think maybe the blonde ones spoilt brat attitude may have got the publics backs up i mean she was being abit of an ars拢hole ...

at least they can all sing which is something girls aloud cant do

wouldn't even mind if they won it either as long as sh'拢t LLoyd doesn't win im happy
The fact Simon Cowell thinks that the boy and girl band on X Factor are the best in the country (his words) says more about the quality of talent in this country than how good these two are.

Boybands are so 1990's anyway when are people going to wake up, and move on?Why were Belle Amie in the bottom 3?Because they're boring, and remember mostly girls vote on X Factor, they're mainly voting for 1 Direction.Why were Belle Amie in the bottom 3?
Because they're not very good.

Anyway I think the music buying public have had it up to here with girl (and boy) bands now.
Because they are bland. Should have gone over DF. Ah well the show is a fix anyway. Why would they get rid of Cowell's own creationWhy were Belle Amie in the bottom 3?
Because not many people voted for them , Girl groups never do very well on the XF ,expect them to be gone by The Weekend
because they are wack.

they sound awful together.

they dont have a good image and theyre not that good looking

we've seen it all before

girl bands never do well because most of the viewers are girls and want to see hot boys.
Because peolple likes to vote for a single singer more then a group.
because they are awful!

i hope they go next week. diva fever shouldn't have gone. :L
because their crap

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