Saturday, February 25, 2012

What do you think of the name Amelie Belle?

Alex O is absolutely correct that your child is going to get teased to death. I can hear it now, and see the tears.

Amily belly...smelly belly and it goes on and on. She will also have to spell her name constantly and tell people how to pronounce it.

Not a good idea at all.

Besides all that, it does not sound sophisticated or mature and like a successful businesswoman. It sounds like a stripper name or some airhead when you say the two names together. Just the first name sounds ok.What do you think of the name Amelie Belle?it sounds very sophisticated and pretty.What do you think of the name Amelie Belle?
No no, too many L's




Cambrea?? (my fave, but im willing to share xD)


congrats BTW!!What do you think of the name Amelie Belle?Wow, Really Nice

I'd Like My Name To Be That x
Perfect for bullies to make fun of.What do you think of the name Amelie Belle?very cute:)What do you think of the name Amelie Belle?
It is explicibly beautiful and will mature well with age congrats!
So cute!!What do you think of the name Amelie Belle?
How do you pronounce that first name?
Sounds like a new brand of cheese.
LOVE the name Amelie! so pretty!

don't think that Belle goes well with it though .x
great name for a fishing boat
OMG!!! I LOVE IT!!!! you have great taste!
I think it's too... similar? I don't know. It sounds weird.

Amelie Isabelle sounds a little better.
Amelie is nice but I'm not keen on Belle. It always makes me think of a Wild West good time in girl in a Saloon for some reason . . .
I think it's beautiful! I'm pregnant right now and it's at the top of my list for girl's names-- it just dawned on me the other night when I was watching the movie Amelie for the billionth time that it would be the perfect name for my little one-- if they're a girl, that is. It's a rather popular name elsewhere in the world, but fairly uncommon in the US for some reason. As for Belle, well I can't dislike like that name seeing as how one of my favorite bands is Belle %26amp; Sebastian. The two names together are tr猫s beau!

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