Saturday, February 25, 2012

Is the name Belle too fairytalish?

I like it! you know beauty and the beast?Is the name Belle too fairytalish?I'd definately go with Isobel/Isabelle and use Belle as the nickname.

Think about school when its coming up to christmas... Jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way...

Think about when shes 35 and filling in job applications...

Think about shouting her name in the street....Is the name Belle too fairytalish?
No. I love names that are different. I love the name Bella, as well as Rumer. Rain or Jurney. Belle is a sweet name. When I have a daughter someday I will pick a name like one of these. If you think any of these names are strange, just think of the actress who named her baby girl Apple !!Is the name Belle too fairytalish?I think it is... I have a dog that when I adopted her from the pound her name was belle and I changed it to Bella Immediately...

I live near orlando so anything disney makes me puke

My friends just named their baby bella... Maybe if you are stuck on belle.. use it in a middle name ... just make sure she doesnt sound like shes from the back woods of kentucky..
No!! It's beautiful (lol literally). I would definitely stick with that name though, and not Bella or Isabelle or anything, because Belle is unique, and the others are trendy and overused.Is the name Belle too fairytalish?It's a pretty name.

It's always good to check the "tease factor" of a name; will she be tormented by Beauty and the Beast references?Is the name Belle too fairytalish?
No and the name's sexy! Not teen-ish sexy but more like adult-sexy. Got it? For a sexy teen name maybe Alice is sexy. Alice is a name for a pretty(not beautiful) or cute girl but sexy.
Belle is beautiful and not fairytailish at all. Not like your considering Cinderella or Snow White LOL My neice (who's 28) is a HUGE Belle fan and if her son would have been a girl she would have been named belle.Is the name Belle too fairytalish?
I don't think it's too fairytalish...but I am getting sick of the name. So many people are naming their daughters Belle.
I dont like it but you could go with Isabella and call her Bella or Isabel and then call her belle
Belle is too fairytailish in my opinion.

Bella would be fine though.
it's a cute nick name, I wouldn't use it though, I have 3 friends with dogs named Belle or Bella
no it's pretty and unusual if your using it for a child then she will be special not many girls with that name
No way, I love the name fiona but when I tell people that they all think shrek! But Belle is lovely name!
Very beautiful name
Its a cute name. But it does remind me of beauty %26amp; the beast
I like it but it just reminds me of church bells, even though it's not spelt the same
Not at all. In french, Belle means beautiful.
I think is classic and gorgeous!!
It's cute. Bella is very popular right now.
Nope, thats my name and its awesome!
no people had that name before the stories
It's a very sweet name.
It's lovely. I like Bella a lot.
No!! Very nice name....
It is a nice name
Heck no
I like it. It is a beautiful name.
no... its a pretty name
no, its just a lovely name!
i like green m%26amp;ms.

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