Saturday, February 25, 2012

What do you think of the name Melanie Belle?

I really like it!What do you think of the name Melanie Belle?i like it!(:

i really like the name Melanie. it's my adorable little cousins name! her name is Melanie Marie, and she goes by Mel usually. i think Belle goes with it nicely, but i've never been a fan of the name Belle. i do like Melanie Claire though, like someone suggested! some other cute combinations...

Melanie Rose

Melanie Olivia

Melanie Justine

Melanie Carolyn

Melanie Isabelle

hope i helped!(:What do you think of the name Melanie Belle?
I think Melanie is a cute name. I like the way you spelled it. I love girl names that end with-ie. Belle is a pretty name, but I'm not sure if it flows that well with Melanie. It is a very pretty middle name though.

Other middle name suggestions:

Melanie Rose

Melanie Joy

Melanie Skye

Melanie Claire

Melanie Marie

Hope this helps :DWhat do you think of the name Melanie Belle?I like it.

I like Belle as a name.

when I was little I loved Beauty %26amp; the Beast, so I always wanted to name my daughter Belle... I'm sure if I would now but I think it works well as a middle name.

my best friend named her daughter Madison Belle, I think it's pretty.
Uh, do not like it....only my opinion, sorry. I am sure there is a reason you chose it or like it...and that is really all that matters. Just not crazy about either name. Melissa Belle might sound better.What do you think of the name Melanie Belle?i'm sorry i dont like it either.. i immediately thought "melon ball" :/

i also would not go with melanie claire like the person above said.. "melon eclaire" yum! lolWhat do you think of the name Melanie Belle?
I think its an amazing name, Its a very pretty name, I would have loved that name that is such a pretty name(: I love it ^.^
I LOVE the name Melanie (it might be because that is my moms name!) but i dont like Belle with it what about Dawn or AbigailWhat do you think of the name Melanie Belle?
as per my opinion this name is very cute for a girl and a very unique one.
I love it.
sounds feminine and i like it!
I like it!!

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