Sunday, February 19, 2012

DOOL: Why did Belle have an affair with Phillip?

When Belle was married to Phillip, all she wanted was Shawn. She and Shawn finally are together and she has an affair with Phillip. I missed alot fo that stuff but it confuses me greatly. Can someone help me out? Did she have a period of insanity or something?DOOL: Why did Belle have an affair with Phillip?belle was scared of being with phillip and she lost her baby and lied to shawn about claire and then he divorced mimi who left town and is now gigi concidentally and everybody thought belle was insane for a while but she was really in love and luckily not dealing with sami's problems who at the time was popping out babies like crazy lol

but anyway moving on when belle slept with phillip she was about to get married to shawn douglas and then hope realized that something was up and convinced shawn to take belle and claire and leave town and he did so

hope i helped you out

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