Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dublin bus?

I want to get nitelink bus from O鈥檆onnel street in city centre to DCU, I checked website, but there鈥檚 seems no bus directly to DCU.

Can anyone tell me is there any bus which go to near DCU?Dublin bus?
The nearest nitelink is the 41n but you'd have to get off at Drumcondra and walk over a mile/2k to the campus. I would get a taxi from Drumcondra if I were you; I'm sure there's a rank in Drumcondra 'village'.

Another option might be the airport bus service, most of which go through Drumcondra. Aircoach operates all night but might not drop off on the way to the airport (it does pick up, of course). See:鈥?/a>

Good luck!Dublin bus?鈥?/a>

That will definitely tell you!Dublin bus?
You are better off getting a taxi. The night links are intended for people living in the distant suburbs, and none stop closer than 30min walk from DCU. Nitelink costs 鈧? and a taxi about 鈧?0.

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