Sunday, February 19, 2012

Is Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" a princess?

I was wondering because, what kind of prince lives in the middle of nowhere? and he has no kingdom. plus, if anything, isnt he a king? im confused by this whole prospect. plz help me??Is Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" a princess?^above... a stupid response because that is not what makes a prince or princess. lol

As for belle... When she became a princess as soon as she married the beast who was prince. Before then... noIs Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" a princess?
The Prince's kingdom is where Belle lived but because he was cursed the people forgot it was there once. They never say why he is only a prince and not a king but then again a lot of the story is left out because disney determine it was irrelevant. Belle became a princess because she married a prince.Is Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" a princess?She is. Because Disney said so. He was a king or something before the whole "Beast" Thing happened. Idk if they meant like of royalty, but every girl wants her "prince", and that is what belle found. Cute story dontcha think?
belle isn't a princess, but the guy (i forgot his name after all these years) is a prince, and he was an ***. that's why he became a beast :)Is Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" a princess?The beast is royalty n belle hooks up with him making her a princess.

Get it? ; D

It why she's included as a Disney princess.Is Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" a princess?
Yes, the prince lives in a castle. As long as he has a castle, he is a prince.
Shes a commoner and hes a prince tht got turned into a beast!Is Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" a princess?
yep belle is from beauty and the beast
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