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Memphis Rose or Memphis Belle for a girl?

If you don't like the name Memphis, I get that. It's pretty out there, BUT which middle name do you prefer with it? :) Thanks!Memphis Rose or Memphis Belle for a girl?Memphis Rose sounds like a burlesque queen (an artistic stripper).

The Memphis Belle was a famous WWII bomber. There was a movie made in the 90s about the plane.

If you feel compelled to use the name of some random city, I think you need to carefully RESEARCH a feminine name so you don't end up naming a child for some kind of historical artifact.

Memphis Jenae

Memphis Claire

Memphis Elaine

btw--what kind of nn is Mem?

Also, with that name, you would restrict where she could live.

University of Memphis has sharp sports rivalries with UAB (U of Alabama-Birmingham) and UL (University of Louisville).

After the beating the Giants fan took at the hands of the Dodgers fans, I'd certainly want someone named Memphis to avoid Birmingham and Louisville.Memphis Rose or Memphis Belle for a girl?
Thank heavens! This is a GREAT way to use this site - trying out all sorts of names for feedback. When you're finally ready to pick names, you'll already have an idea about what kinds of names suit you best. Have fun!

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Memphis Rose or Memphis Belle for a girl?I think you should try a middle name that isn't so predictable and boring.

Memphis Clara would be really neat. or Memphis Rhea(ray-ah).

But of the two you have listed, Memphis Rose is the better one. but I still really don't like how boring and overused Rose, it's just not even pretty any longer these days.
Honestly I think both names sound like a southern cliche. It guess if I had to pick I'd choose Memphis Rose simply because it sounds it's a little less cliche. I can easily picture someone at a southern beauty pageant saying, "And here's our own Memphis Belle, Gracie Mae Johnson."Memphis Rose or Memphis Belle for a girl?I prefer rose its quite cute sometimes too! ;)

Belle is too umm.... Boring in my opinion :DMemphis Rose or Memphis Belle for a girl?
Memphis Rose sounds more sophisticated and cute!, while Memphis Belle sounds like a hick!

Best of Luck to you and God Bless %26lt;3
I agree that they both sound kind of like a southern cliche...but out of the two, Memphis Rose sounds less like you're trying to say HEY WE LOVE THE SOUTH!Memphis Rose or Memphis Belle for a girl?
I think Memphis Belle is better.

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