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MLS: Which are the best and worst offseason acquisitions thus far?

I think the best so far is Gonzalo Martinez to DCU--they need a strong centre back. Worst is hard. I really hated Troy Perkins leaving to Valerenga...but it was brilliant for him.

Your thoughts?MLS: Which are the best and worst offseason acquisitions thus far?
Oh boy! Another DC United fan! This is just what we need here! Especially since I haven't been around much lately and that Lucia and Tiz are not here anymore. :(

Being partial to DC United, I have to agree that the best signing so far is Gonzalo Martinez to DC. He is a good center back but I am a bit concerned with him being 32. Boswell going to the Dynamo really hurt DC United especially since DC United's defence was a bit lacking even with him. Losing Carroll also hurt the midfield but it will be far worse for DC if they lose Gomez. He would be very hard to relace and I doubt that Veron could have taken his place if they had signed him. Veron is good but he's not young anymore and has been prone to injury the past couple years.

I was really disappointed to see Perkins, Carroll, and Boswell leave but at least for Perkins it was brilliant for him like you said.

If DC United does or have signed Martinez, Carvallo, and Niell, I agree that they will at least brake even as long as DC United keeps Gomez. Gomez is key to DC's roster and without him, they would have to make some major position changes.

So I agree that Gonzalo Martinez is the best acquisition so far but I think DC United still has to do more to really strengthen their defence.

All in all, I think DC will still have a another good season this year.

@ E C, again with a Beckham comment to a DC United fan! Honestly now! lol You mentioned him to Lucia in her first question here when she was congratulating Moreno for 109 goals, remember?

@ lak8erman, didn't we have a talk about you posting answers like the one you posted here to MLS questions? I mean enough is enough! Can't you give it a rest already!

Gonzalo Martinez is really good in my opinion also.MLS: Which are the best and worst offseason acquisitions thus far?
I think the best so far is Kansas City trading Nick Garcia for the 1st overall pick in the 2008 superdraft because of the fact that they still have Jimmy Conrad. And now, Kansas City will have two first-round picks in the draft. The worst has to be Troy Perkins heading to Valerenga because he was one of the best in the league so it'll be hard to replace him in D.C. But you also can't forget Eddie Johnson leaving K.C. and heading for Fulham FC. And my favorite team is Kansas City. Go Wizards! Rockin the Cauldron(name they call Arrowhead Stadium)!!!
I'm a Galaxy fan, and have been for 10 years. I saw Carlos Ruiz play for them when he set a record for goals in a season. I think he will be a wonderful addition to the new look. Ruud Gullit as coach should renew the team's vigor. If I were a fan of any other team I'd want to go see them play the Galaxy next year. hint hint. Get your tickets now!MLS: Which are the best and worst offseason acquisitions thus far?
santa lu te amooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
My fav. is the JSV deal that never went through =)

It did have the potential for a big bust...

He was overhyped... some people were trying to lead you to believe he was Sheva or something... and I'm not a big fan of Sheva.
The best move was LA acquiring Ruiz. It is scary how strong that team is becoming.

The worst move award goes to Kansas City, who lost their franchise player, and the only reason why they made the playoffs. That one stings, and you can tell they are worried about it because they are basically starting over and trading for young talent to rebuild with.

I think DC United has lost more than we yet realize - and their patchwork of international negotiations is going to need to translate into chemistry on the field if they hope to bounce back from their embarrassing first round loss last year. Sorry to say it with all yall fans here, but they are hurting. (And come on, Martinez is nice - but not what the team was looking to fill, let's be honest here.)
I like NY redbulls and LA galaxy.I hope ruiz does weel for the G's and I am a huge fan of jozy.burciaga to colorado was a good pickup for colorado and nick garcia for a #1 pick was absolutely horrible.

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