Sunday, February 19, 2012

What Belle and Sebastian songs do you like?

I am going to compile the best songs of B%26amp;S for my ipod... what do you think are the best songs of B%26amp;S?What Belle and Sebastian songs do you like?It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career

-Sleep The Clock Around :)

Is it Wicked Not to Care?

-Ease Your Feet In The Sea

A Summer Wasting

Seymour Stein

A Space Boy Dream

-Dirty Dream Number Two

-The Boy With The Arab Strap


The Rollercoaster Ride


-Piazza, New York Catcher

Pretty much everything off 'The Boy with The Arab Strap' album imo. which is the only album I own by them so far (I'm new to them, sorry)

The ones with the - beside them are my personal favorites :)What Belle and Sebastian songs do you like?None, they are all weak insipid twee drivel

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