Sunday, February 19, 2012

What do you think of "Bella/Belle" names?

I saw someone ask one about "Anna/Ana" names so I'm wondering, do you like Bella/Belle names?

Even if you do not please list your favorite

Merci =]What do you think of "Bella/Belle" names?I do like them, on the whole - I like Arabella and Mirabel(le) particularly.

I can see why the current huge popularity of Isabella/Isabelle and Annabella/Annabelle puts some people off though.What do you think of "Bella/Belle" names?
The only ones I can say I like are -bel names. There's something about the -belle and -bella endings that just overdo a name and make them all "princessy."

Names I like are:






Other -el names:



I really like the above names, but would definitely not if they had the extra -le and -la. :/

ETA: I think I like Arabella, Rosabelle/Rosabella and maybe Anabella. But if I had to use it on my own child, I'd use -bel.

ETA2: As for -ana/-anna names, I usually have less of a "tolerance" for them. I like Anne though, the same way I like Ella and not names ending in it. Ana is nice too, pronounced "ah na."What do you think of "Bella/Belle" names?Jessicabelle,Rheabelle,Cassandra Belle, Lynnebelle,Anna-marie Belle,Cyndee Belle.
Bella, just like of Twilight %26lt;3!

It's a really nice name too...

and I love paramore lol, there new album is amazing!!!!!

xoxoxoxWhat do you think of "Bella/Belle" names?I honestly hate the nickname Bella, so I tend to lean towards more of the Belle names rather than Bella.

Belle (In my opinion, it works great on its own!)



Those are my favorites:)What do you think of "Bella/Belle" names?
i asked about Anna/Ana names..LOL

i like the Elle/Ella's..

Gabriella/e %26amp; Isabella/e i think are so cute!
Love them!

My favourite is Isobel/Isabelle.

I also love Ella, Isabella, Arabella, Arabella, Airabella, Airabelle.

Good Luck!What do you think of "Bella/Belle" names?
I love them :) But not the popular ones (eg. Isabella)

Arabella, Mirabella.

EDIT: hey we like the same ones!

[to person above]
I like Isabella but LOVE Isabelle.

Annabelle is super cute as well!

Arabelle is a very pretty name.

But they can be taken too far Jessabelle..
I just adore the name Bella:)

It's so classy and adorable.
They are a little too common as of late, but I used to like them quite a bit. I was always a fan of Isabelle and Annabelle.
I like them. :) My favorite female name is Isabelle and I love the name Bella, too. (And no, not from Twilight :P)
Yes, very classy
No, not really.

They are way too popular at the moment.
I am very sick of them.

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