Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What does it take to be a Southern Belle?!?!?!?

I know Southern Belles enter pageants, their shoppers, and they have that acsent, and they have money!!!

but what REALLY is a Southern Belle?!?! just curious!?!!!What does it take to be a Southern Belle?!?!?!?Real "Southern Belles" were upper-class Southern young women back in the Civil War/antebellum era. Have you seen Gone With the Wind? Scarlett O'Hara is the perfect portrayal of what a Southern Belle was. If you want some history on them, here's a Wiki article:鈥?/a>

Really, nowadays, a Southern Belle is more of a stereotype-a rich Southern young lady who generally you would think of as being Miss Alabama or Miss Georgia with that cute li'l Southern accent. My parents used to call me a Southern Belle when I was little since I was born in Texas, and my middle name- Michelle- rhymes with belle. Ha ha, hillarious, I know. lol.

Just for fun, here's some "tips" on how to be a southern belle-鈥?/a> .What does it take to be a Southern Belle?!?!?!?
You need to be from the South.What does it take to be a Southern Belle?!?!?!?a girl from the south that is brought up in a "proper" manner.

she does enter pageants, and has the southern accent.

most usually come from wealthy families

and live their live usually in luxury.What does it take to be a Southern Belle?!?!?!?
i am from the south (SC) and sorry to break it to you...we arent like pageant girls...some people are preppy, others not so much. The only thing kind of different is that our grandmothers cook some amazingly good food, we have big families, we really focus a lot on etiquette, and we think that some northerners don't have a lot of decorum...What does it take to be a Southern Belle?!?!?!?Haha! I was a southern belle. Pagents and the whole nine yards! I was Miss Teen Texas, haha!

Thank goodness for growing up and moving to the city!What does it take to be a Southern Belle?!?!?!?
comming from OLD money in the south proper manners and all its a joke really down here we think most of the belles are spoild rich girls that really have nothing to offer the men but a pretty face and thats about it
It takes years of living in the south, being taught proper upbringing by your Grandmother and her lady friends, to be a proper southern lady.....real southern ladies aren't pageant queens........just everyday folks, who do things with style.....

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